Thursday, November 25, 2010

▶ Japanese Magazine! :D
Sorry coz no translation
The cut is from a Japanese Magazine named SPUR!

▶ Why is this Watermelon Square?

Because that would mean it’s 6 sided: One for each of Soshi’s nominations to the Melon Music Awards!

The insides will definitely be a pastel rose pink.

It’s that time of the year again! I’m not talking about Christmas or exams… because they all pale in comparison to the year end events in Korea. Staying awake till 5am watching award shows when you have a final the next day? Been there, done that.. (and it was soo worth it!) Most would just say FML, but life isn’t that bad; you lived in the same lifetime as So Nyuh Shi Dae – you have no right to say FML. /cheesy LOL.

Anyways, the girls have been nominated for 6 awards this year at MelOn, and are currently first in most of their categories in terms of votes. From my understanding, most of the MelOn awards are 80% digital sales and 20% votes. The exceptions would be Netizen’s popular song, which is 100% vote (?), and music video of the year, which is 40% ___, 40%___, and 20% voting. (XD if anyone knows what those blanks are, that would be great). Last year the girls took home quite a few awards, and the outlook for this year looks promising as well. It should be noted that soshi will not be participating in Japan’s year end show Kouhaku (Yoong will just have to stay with Yuri and keep pretending to like KimuTaku so people don’t see her being ghey: win-win!)

However, keep in mind that there are a lot of other great artists out there that deserve some recognition, and at the end of the day, soshi will still be the 9 adorable girls that we know and love – win or lose. This is already the 2nd round of voting, and MelOn will be aired on December 15th. Here are the nominations and semi-current (capped yesterday) voting results:

2010 Artist of the Year – SNSD (Oh!)

2010 Album of the Year – Oh!

2010 Song of the Year – Oh! + Run Devil Run
2010 Popular Song (Netizen) – Hoot + Oh! + Run Devil Run
2010 Hot Trend (Best in last 3 months) – Hoot
2010 Music Video of the Year – Oh!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

▶ Because you just can’t help but love these girls…

This is a recently translated fan account from an older fansigning, and definitely one of the most touching ones so far~

… so I lined up overnight to get in and in front of me were some younger fans~ I overheard them talking and there seemed to be one girl who was a fan of another group, she must have just come along because of her friends~

Then when the fan signing started she told Sunny
“Unnie to be honest I don’t like you unnie ok?! I am a fan of the group XX~” she went on saying that she was just there against her will;; So it didn’t feel good watching that but Sunny didn’t even show a hint of being upset Sunny smiled and held the girl’s hand and said
“Aigoo~ It’s so hot today it was tough for you to come here today~ We’ll do our best~”

Then the girl kept being cynical then Sunny said “Maybe can I give you a hug then would you be my fan? Aigoo~ hehehehe But your oppas could get disappointed if that happened so please continue to love and support your oppas!!”
Sunny joked around affectionately like that and keke suddenly the girl started crying kekeke she must have felt so sorry, her friends then apologized Unnie we are so sorry and they quickly left.
Then Sunny took out the tissues from under the table and gave it to her manager and told him to hurry up follow and take care of those girls~

So we were watching all this from below and Sunny continued to look around with a worried expression… the manager came back later and talked to Sunny and Sunny was smiling and punched and told him “You should have helped them to the subway station like I asked you~”
Although Sunny was not my favorite member I was looking at her all day that day keke it was fascinating and touching…

translation; silis7noy2

It was probably a bit heartwrenching to be told such things in person, but Sunny’s response to the situation reminds us why we dote on the girls so much. (Actions speak louder than words after all).

Besides, the shortest member got her revenge – Lee Soonkyu practically dropped a love bomb on the poor kid and annexed her heart as soshi territory; the girl never saw it coming nor stood a chance. What better way to retaliate than to convert people into sones? XD

Eww it’s a big girl group -> Must find things to dislike -> Find 9x more things to like -> …when did I become so ghey?

Anyways, I will end this post with an older quote by Sunny(?), which I think is very fitting:

“We will become a SNSD that is beautiful both inside and out

▶ The Ladies Named New Artist Of The Year!

Despite heavy promotion of Hoot in Korea these recent days,our ladies are not forgotten in their neighboring country,Japan.
They had been awarded ‘New Artist Of The Year‘ by the Japan Record Awards,a yearly major music awards show held in Japan.
Sharing under the same crown are Japanese singers,namely ICONIQ,Kikuchi Madoka and S/mileage.

These 4 groups shall now compete with each other for the ‘Best New Artist‘ award,which would be announced on the day of the actual ceremony.
Just a heads up,fellow Korean boy band Big Bang,had gotten this award the year before and it would be nice to see our ladies continuing the domination of the Hallyu wave.

Wishing them the best of luck and i’m sure they would bring to us great news.
Would they be able to emerge victory? Stay tuned..

Saturday, November 6, 2010

▶ Chocolate is Healthy !

Chocolate is known to have many health benefits. For example, dark chocolate lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. They can also act as antioxidants…but there’s one other type of Chocolate that specifically helps SONES. This type of Chocolate gets us all happy and excited..

That. type of Chocolate.

Yes that’s right. Like with every other comeback, SNSD will be on KJE’s Chocolate. The episode was just recorded today and a short fan cam of Taengoo has also been released. Fans, please do not die at the sight of this beauty.

Watch this -->

And a giggly ice princess was recorded too~Babo

Watch this -->

No date has been given yet as to when this episode will air but we’ll update this post when the information is released along with other fan cams! In the meantime, here is my personal favorite Chocolate moment.

Watch this! dance battle -->

▶ [INTERVIEW] 10Asia – Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation’s debut three years ago did not go unnoticed yet it could be called quiet compared to the feats they achieved in the years to follow — 2009 in particular was a fruitful year for them, placing atop music charts for up to nine weeks straight with song “Gee” which was followed by “Genie” which also saw immense success, winning them multiple prizes at music festivals at the end of the year.

But the nine girls have recently proven they may have merely kicked off their singing career. After making a debut in Japan in August through a showcase attended by 22,000 fans, an unprecedented number for a newcomer foreign group, Girls’ Generation has been making music history, breaking one record after another.

Their debut single “Genie” placed fourth on the prestigious Oricon’s weekly singles chart, selling the most copies of their song for foreign female artists including solo performers. They then became the first Korean girl group to rank No.1 on Oricon’s daily singles chart after releasing their second single “Gee.”

Back in their home country to promote Korean single “Hoot,” Jessica, Seohyun, Sunny, Taeyeon, Yuri, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung and Yoona met with reporters on Monday to speak about their latest endeavors.

Q: You placed first on Oricon’s singles chart. How did it feel?
We all cried. We were performing on stage when news came that we took third place with our first single “Genie” but we still all cried upon hearing about it. When we took No. 1, I woke up to a text message saying we got first place (laugh) and I cried as soon as I saw it.

Q: Before, your seniors went to Japan with the mindset that they are starting their singing careers all over again. But you acted like pop stars from overseas from the very beginning. How have you been treated in Japan?
I think the Japanese people we have met are just naturally kind and polite rather than us having received any form of special treatment.
Tiffany: I think I’ve rather gone back to the mindset of when we debuted three years ago. And I’ve become more cautious as well. But I told myself I should have fun even though we’re overseas.
Jessica: I was tearing up from the moment we held our showcase because I was so excited. I could hear our fans’ cheering before going on stage so my heart was overflowing with joy from the fact that the venue was full.
Sooyoung: It was the first time Girls’ Generation was making an official debut overseas and our seniors had done so well before us that we didn’t want to tarnish their name. I think we also felt a heartrending emotion, as if we were saying, “We’ve been doing well so far. We’ve come this far.”

Girls’ Generation members Yoona and Seohyun [SM Entertainment]

Q: What do you think is the reason you became the first girl group to top the chart? You haven’t gone on that many television shows yet either.
I think that in Japan, they’re fascinated by the composition of our choreography. We’re even asked, “How much do you need to practice to stand exactly in the shape of a v and in two lines?
Sooyoung: We were featured in NHK’s news which we heard in itself is a social issue. We even heard that Korean girl groups are great at both singing and dancing and that even their fashion becomes talk of the town. So we can’t let people down when they have such expectations of us. That’s why we’re happy but also felt that we need to practice more.

Q: Has the fact that you’re popular sunk in yet?
Some people imitated our dance moves while taking a photo, not knowing I was next to them. I felt so proud.
Jessica: An old Japanese man asked if I’m Girls’ Generation. And when I asked him how he knew, he said he saw me on the news. Sooyoung as well, in Shibuya…
Sooyoung: They didn’t recognize me. (laugh) Well in Shibuya they actually recognized me. Some people said, “It’s Sooyoung.” But people didn’t recognize me when I walked into a record store where there was even a huge poster of us stuck on the wall. (laugh)
Sunny: They wouldn’t be able to compared to when you have make-up on. (laugh)

Q: In Japan, they call you 美脚 group (group with pretty legs). How do you feel about this?
They’re actually not that pretty (laugh) but we started being calling from a certain point on. At the same time, we’re also a bit worried that our performances or singing will be noticed less because our legs are being pointed out. I once saw on TV that only our legs were shot and not our faces. (laugh)
Hyoyeon: We get a lot of questions asking how we take care of our legs. But we can’t do anything in particular because we don’t have time so we either do a lot of stretching or lower-body bathing. We each stretch in our own rooms. (laugh)

Q: What advice did BoA give you?
“I’ve done this for ten years already so it’s your turn now.” (laugh) But she also said, “I was alone but there’s a lot of you so you won’t have to worry.” (laugh)
Sunny: And that we could be lonely, that things will be very different from Korea. We try to be careful because the language is different and we don’t know a lot of things.
Hyoyeon: I think the language is the biggest problem. I study Japanese whenever I have time but it’s difficult.
Sooyoung: It actually feels like we’re on a school trip. We keep eating while carrying out our activities. (laugh)
Tiffany: And we play games.
Sooyoung: Taeyeon got us a nail dryer so we ask each other to do our nails. (laugh) There’s a lot to heed attention to but we’re trying to enjoy everything, as if we’re on a trip, and that’s been shown on television so I think people like how we come off as friendly and natural.

Girls’ Generation members Sooyoung and Yuri [SM Entertainment]

Q: You seem to have a lot of female fans in particular in Japan.
Yes, we couldn’t adjust to the screaming at first. I think a lot of our female Japanese fans think that we’re cool and they want to try being like us.
Sunny: Watch out for what you say. In a Korean documentary about us, I had said, “I think we have a lot of middle-aged male fans in Korea and a lot of female fans in Japan.” Then a female fan of ours in Korea posted up all the information she has of us on the Internet and wrote underneath, “Sunny, do you see this? (laugh) I felt so bad.
Taeyeon: The Japanese members of our staff were surprised because they said it’s what is usually observed in male idol groups. And I think the reason that our middle-aged male fans stood out more was because artists usually mainly have female fans but we have middle-aged male fans.

Q: Speaking of female fans, Sooyoung, do you know that person? The person who screams in an extremely high pitch when you sing your part. (laugh)
Girls’ Generation:
We all know her. (laugh)
Jessica: Shouting! (laugh)
Sooyoung: She once came to one of our birthday parties. So as a joke I said I hadn’t been able to pay her yet for her cheering this month. (laugh) I once laughed while singing my part because her cheering was so funny. I look forward to singing my parts these days because I wonder how much she’ll cheer for me every time. (laugh)

Q: She’s probably clearing her throat as she reads this article right now. (laugh) I think though that “Hoot” in particular has appealed to a lot of female fans.
Sooyoung: A lot of people said our album this time around seems to be an album for our female fans. We wanted to portray a more confident woman in her 20s and Yuri’s song is about how a woman feels one-sided love for a man which a lot of our female fans said they could relate to.

Girls’ Generation members Jessica and Tiffany [SM Entertainment]

Q: In “Hoot,” you each take turns receiving the spotlight. Is there anything that you pay particular attention to when you each sing your parts?
Taeyeon: What I was surprised while monitoring ourselves was that each member was putting on facial expressions as well while doing the choreography. And I thought that must look refreshing for the third person. And I wanted us to be able to express ourselves in line with the lyrics.

Q: Sunny and Jessica, you each sing in very unique voices in your parts. What had the director asked of you?
Jessica: That I sing in a sharp voice. We each went with how we feel based on that.
Sunny: When we were recording, the director said there’s a part where my voice sets the basic tone for when we sing altogether, so he asked I sing in a really unique voice. As if I was being strangled. (laugh)

Q: The choreography for “Hoot” is extremely complicated. How did you rehearse?
Jessica: We didn’t have much time so we ended up being able to concentrate in a short time.
Tiffany: We all know now what I need to do to make myself look pretty and that the member standing next to the one in the spotlight needs to do well for that person in the spotlight to shine even more. I think that’s how we were all able to do so well.

Q: How did you practice the dance moves?
Taeyeon: We work with a foreign choreographer but because he was very busy, he taught us just for a few days, so we just keep repeating by ourselves after that.
Yuri: It’s like class because he’d tell us to take it from the beginning to a certain point. So the choreographer wrote our names on a paper and told us where to stand and all.
Sooyoung: I think the choreographers have a harder time than us. For example, if I’m way in the back, they’ll worry about how to pull me all the way up front. (laugh)
Sunny: So sometimes, we’ll make suggestions since we have it figured out better and they’ll take our opinions into account.

Girls’ Generation members Taeyeon and Sunny [SM Entertainment]

Q: You also dance in time without looking at each other.
Sooyoung: That really just comes from sense. (laugh) I saw on the Internet that Taeyeon and I cross over each other but I mean, how on earth did we do that without stepping on each others feet? (laugh)
Taeyeon: We both don’t want to shed any blood. (laugh) We all got stepped on a lot in the past. (laugh)
Sunny: There’s a part where we dance as if we’re walking in “Run Devil Run,” right? But since Sooyoung’s legs are so long (laugh) she once pierced me with her heels. It didn’t show since I was wearing black tights but when I came down from the stage, my stockings had stuck to my skin because I had bled (laugh). We’re wearing boots on purpose this time — to avoid getting hurt. (laugh)
Jessica: We definitely concentrate better now. When we first debuted, we didn’t know what we were supposed to do and lacked concentration but we’re put in situations where we have to learn the choreography in three days and shoot the music video so our concentration has become better as well.

Q: What do you think makes that possible?
Jessica: We eat a lot. (laugh)
Tiffany: There’s almost a convenient store set up on the sets of our music video shoots. That’s why our managers say who’s been saying Girls’ Generation eats 800 kcal a day… (laugh)
Yuri: That we actually eat 8000 kcals. (laugh) They’ve said they want to post up photos of us eating.
Tiffany: I think we make it through the hard times because we have each other. I’ll bear through whatever because someone else will be too and when one person laughs, everyone ends up laughing.

Q: Having such a relationship amongst your group must even more help nowadays with you pursuing your activities in Japan.
Sunny: I’d say that rather than us having become closer after going to Japan, we naturally came to band together after it became decided that we would be going. Should I say it came from sort of a fear of what we haven’t experienced? I think that’s why we banded together even more.

Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon [SM Entertainment]

Q: What influence do you think your activities in Japan have on you?
Yuri: I think it’s been a chance to make our music known to a wider audience and maybe a chance to upgrade ourselves?
Sunny: “Gee” and “Genie” are song we promoted in Korea so we were able to remedy the shortcomings to make them more perfect and it also helped for when we prepared for “Hoot.”
Taeyeon: I saw that members of AKB48 are fascinated by how we practice and dance as a whole group so I think that’s what we can show through our activities in Japan. We want to be as professionally perfect as we can at least when we’re on stage.

Q: There’s rumor you’ll be appearing on NHK’s year-end show “Red and White Song Battle.”
Sunny: We’re still new to the singing scene in Japan so we’d be grateful to get to go on the show. But to think of spending December 31 there… (laugh)

Q: Isn’t is sad not being able to just play during Christmas and New Years?
Tiffany: You gain some, you lose some. And I think we’d rather be disappointed if we weren’t asked to attend year-end award ceremonies.
Sunny: And it’s not like we have anything else in particular to do. How sad. (laugh)

Q: What’s your future goal? You’ve already achieved so much.
Tiffany: We’re still hungry. (laugh)
Taeyeon: Yuri took part in the album this time but I think more and more members of our group will take part in producing future albums. Everyone is very interested in composing or writing songs. And I once met a French person in Japan who asked we go to their country as well. We also read a lot of comments on You Tube by our fans in Europe asking for us. So we’d like to perform in Europe one day.
Jessica: But in the mean time, I’d like for us to do a lot in Korea. We’re working in Japan as well but since we’ve also released an album in Korea.
Tiffany: Yeah! It’s nice being home. (laugh)

▶ Press Conference: Goguma Couple, and Hyo’s Crush!

At the Press Conference held on November 2nd, the girls voiced their jealousy for the Sweet Potato Couple‘s screen (and orl?!) relationship. When asked about the maknae’s marriage, SNSD shouted in unison: “We’re jealous!” Despite Seohyun‘s attempts to stop her unnies, the girls continued to tease the maknae.

Seohyun blushed and replied, “I think my unnies are more interested than me as they have been monitoring it so closely for my sake. This happens probably because it is an experience I do not get every day. My unnies have been urging me to hold his hand. I feel really shy”.

SNSD's Inner Fan girl

Apparently, Seo’s marriage has been impacting her vocals as well. Tiffany explained the new and improved emotional expressions: “In our new mini-album, there are [Seohyun’s parts] in the songs that highlight the change in her vocals. Is it because now she could express her emotions in the songs? There has been improvement in her vocals and expressions in singing. Maybe we should start dating too. [...] In fact, these changes have never happened to our maknae before. We find these changes really funny. She has changed. She has changed”.

After that, Taeyeon quietly reminded the girls that she was in a relationship on We Got Married with her 11-year-older comedian, Jung Hyung Don (who became married in real life during the show): “Actually, I was married too (to Jung Hyungdon) but…I was forced to divorce”. Upon hearing that, everyone burst into laughter.


Hyoyeon also talked about her own [fantasy] relationship. Back in May, she confessed on Strong Heart that she had a one-sided crush on a male idol. Although she didn’t reveal who he was, she did leave hints that he is funny and doesn’t have double eyelids. At the conference, she was asked if she still had a crush, and she replied honestly: “Yes. It’s still the same. I like to see people who work hard. If by any chance anyone has an interest in me, if you show me that you are hard working, I’ll like you.“

Sunny added, “When Hyoyeon sees people work hard on stage she says, ‘Wow, so hard-working. I wonder how much you had to practice to do that.’”

Unfortunately, Sooyoung had a minor fall, injuring her leg, and had to miss out on the press conference..